Orange County CBD Vaping Bad 50ml So Chill Sol


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Orange County CBD Vaping Bad 50ml So Chill Sol

The So Chill Sol grape CBD e-liquid, our option for an aromatic grape-flavoured CBD experience, is particularly popular amongst those seeking a sweet and fruity CBD solution.

Coming as either a 1500mg or 2500mg concentration, this e-liquid is capable of administering a respectable dose to any avid CBD vaper. With its irresistible grape flavour it’s easy to see why So Chill Sol has become one of the most popular entries in our Vaping Bad range.

Using precise and powerful extraction methods, we’re able to offer you a high-quality CBD product that is completely non-GMO and pesticide-free. Made to the highest standards, our So Chill Sol grape CBD e-liquid contains no additional cannabinoids beyond CBD.

With zero THC and no other cannabinoid content to speak of, this lean CBD dosing option is focused on giving you as concentrated and hassle-free a CBD experience as possible.

THC Level Undetectable*

*No detectable traces to the 6th decimal

Lab Reports 

Vaping Bad 1500mg 50ml

Vaping Bad 2500mg 50ml


Hemp Derived Cannabidiol Isolate (CBD), Vegetable Glycerine (60%), Mono-Propylene Glycol (40%) & Flavourings.

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So Chill Sol 1500mg, So Chill Sol 2500mg


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